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Catering and Special Ordering

Lil Bit O’ Flour offers catering for your corporate meeting, party, family function, or any event you have.  We have party trays that offer a variety of bars, cupcakes, cake slices, or you can custom make your tray.  

Party Trays

Our party trays are ideal for corporate meetings, family get togethers, class parties, and many other events.  We can custom design your party tray, put the goodies you want to serve, no matter how big or small the event is!  We ask for a 24 hour advance notice so we can have the best variety and everything just the way you want it!! 


Have that special birthday coming up?  Have a big wedding on the horizon?  Whatever the occasion, we can make that special, one of a kind cake.  Just let us know at least 24 hours prior to needing your cake, and we will do the rest.  



Give us a call at (205) 408-9825 today, and let Lil Bit O’ Flour be your go-to place for all your sweets, and for your party catering!!

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